Cultural Oasis. Transit Hub.

From Waji shopping to local produce markets and museum hopping, you’ll enjoy a culturally enriching lifestyle. The CID’s heritage of local family ownership gives our community’s countless shops, restaurants and markets an authenticity unique to Seattle.

Louisa Hotel


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Seattle’s Chinatown-International District offers more than 50 dining options for residents and visitors, from traditional tea shops, classic cocktail creations from world-famous bartenders and every variety of Asian cuisine you can imagine. Explore dishes from China, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam and more!

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Chinatown-International District is a shopper’s paradise with retail options not found anywhere else in Seattle. Look for unique art galleries, floral shops, high-end boutiques and jewelry, bookstores and toy shops and more – all within a colorful, walkable neighborhood.

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Numerous parks and gardens reflect the cultures and traditions of the Chinatown-International District and offer a respite from the hectic energy of city life. Seasonal celebrations are also a hallmark of this neighborhood, including Lunar New Year, Dragon Festival and the summertime Night Market.


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Rental amounts are dependent on income level; please contact our property manager for more information and to determine eligibility.

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