Where History Happens.

In 1909, the Louisa Hotel opened its doors, welcoming Asian immigrants arriving to work in the booming Alaskan canneries. By the ‘20s and ‘30s the Chinatown/International District was abuzz with people, setting the stage for the neighborhood you know and love today.

Louisa Hotel


The Beginning

Early Years 

Louisa Hotel began its journey in 1909, known briefly as the Hudson Hotel.

The 1920s and 1930s

Flappers and Deco Designs

As more and more people arrived Chinatown grew into a thriving district.

The 1940s

Seattle’s Jazz Era 

Louisa Hotel became a sanctuary where people from different backgrounds and cultures gathered together and enjoyed Seattle’s vibrant jazz scene.

The 1950s

Post-war Boom 

Sailors from the US Navy also stayed at The Louisa Hotel, and like their immigrant neighbors, left their mark on the building through murals and notes on the walls of their rooms.


Cultural Oasis. 

Seattle’s Chinatown-International District is a hub where history, culture and tradition all intersect. With an interesting mix of traditional and modern, the neighborhood is a unique staple of Seattle’s history, culture and food.


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